My Specialized Service

  • I will be your sounding board, listening to the hurdles or fears you may have about selling or buying and, perhaps more importantly, moving;

  • We will explore how you can minimize or overcome these obstacles and find your best solutions;

  • We will discuss how to prepare your home for sale;

  • Together, we will design a strategy for an orderly and successful move;

  • We will take the time needed to make sure you fully understand the paperwork, the offers, the options and the timelines;

Working together to make moving on an adventure!

What is a Senior?

If you are over 50, like I am, you are a senior! But that may be the only thing we all have in common since seniors, like most great things in life, come in lots of varieties!


The real estate needs of seniors are equally varied and unique. Some of us are young retirees looking for larger homes where we can welcome our children and grandkids. Some of us are looking to sell our family homes or farms and to find something simpler. For some of us, affordability is key. Some are making the move to seniors' residences of one type or another. Others of us with physical challenges need a home that is fully accessible so we can continue to live independently.


While a great number of seniors prefer traditional living accommodation, like a single family house, an increasing number of us are considering alternatives that will accommodate our lifestyle and financial realities – like houses we can reconfigure to share with friends, relatives or tenants.


Whether new to Grey County, leaving the county to head out to a new community or changing our address within the area, one thing is for sure... seniors are on the move!

What is a Seniors

Real Estate Specialist?

The Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation is awarded to a real estate sales person who has successfully completed the required professional course of study as set out by The Seniors Real Estate Specialist Council, a subsidiary of the National Association of Realtors.


I am very proud to hold the SRES designation. For me, it is a delight to work closely with seniors and to provide them with the expertise, knowledge and understanding necessary to meet their unique needs.

Senior Couple